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Crystal Arrow Technologies are specialists in network security and provide a wide range of network security services.


Our Crystal Arrow Technologies security specialists can help review your current solution and provide you with reliable network security services for your business. 

Your security solution needs to include anti-malware, spam protection and intrusion prevention in the way of a firewall to name a few.

Network security pays off.  By having a strong secure network you significantly reduce the risks of your companies and customers data being hijacked or stolen giving you peace of mind.  Network security acts to prevent your employees from being inactive leaving them to continue business without interruption.  Secure networks can provide improved remote access allowing your employees to increase their productivity and availability.


Security and particularly cybersecurity is a prominent issue for organisations to consider at this moment in time. There are some key steps that organisations should implement to minimise the risk of cybercrime. Crystal Arrow Technologies understands that securing the network itself is of the utmost importance; as it is the first line of protection to the organisation and helps to filter out malicious content. Further to this, having your Sophos security and antivirus set up can be extremely beneficial to the cause.

Crystal Arrow Technologies also educate our clients and their end-users about the need to be aware of cyber risks. If the users are vigilant with security policies, which we can help produce along with providing staff training, then it can greatly reduce the impact to an organisation.

Anti-malware should also be implemented across the organisation, and Crystal Arrow Technologies assists with setting the relevant policies for defending businesses from malicious attacks. We also assist clients in ensuring that security patches and updates are deployed across the network, to all devices in a controlled fashion. This also enables all clients to have a secure configuration and set-up, with a set build for all devices.

Whilst it can also be seen as an arduous exercise, businesses should ensure that they analyse any external removable media that comes into the organisation. If a policy is implemented to have tighter control, then it can help to limit the malware that enters the system. This is also an important consideration when understanding how home workers access data remotely. It may seem obvious but again, a company policy will need to be implemented, set and adhered to.
In addition to network and system monitoring and maintenance, which will alert any unusual activity and enable a support provider such as Crystal Arrow Technologies to implement fixes to counter them, businesses should also limit the number of privileged accounts. This means that business can effectively manage their access policies across the user base and ensure that user activity can be monitored closer.

An effective disaster recovery plan is also of paramount importance to an organisation. Part of this will require businesses to establish incident management, and testing an incident management plan at suitable intervals. This ensures that should there be an attack, such as CryptoLocker, businesses have the capability to recover seamlessly.

With all of the above in place, businesses can set a risk management regime. It will enable the business to assess risks to systems, data and information, and businesses should put the same value on this as they would do with any regulatory or legal risks. This needs to be implemented and understood at senior management/board level and conveyed throughout the business.


Crystal Arrow Technologies has partnered with Sophos to provide enterprise-level network solutions which include their next-generation XG firewalls.  The Sophos XG range monitors network traffic coming into your business and removes unwanted attempts to access your network from hackers or malicious software (e.g. worms).  Ensure your business is protected by using a trusted, reliable firewall as a dependable security solution.

If your business needs help with their network security then get in touch with Crystal Arrow Technologies today.


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