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IT Support For Home and Business

Based in Cape Town, Crystal Arrow Technologies has been providing managed IT Support in Cape Town and throughout the Western Cape to businesses since 2009. We deliver  ITC services and solutions to all clients, no matter what size, at prices that work for you.

Our team of experts will become your personal IT department; rapidly and efficiently responding to issues, often before you even know they exist. Covering everything from your servers and network infrastructure, to your computers, workstations and mobile devices, we provide end-to-end solutions for all of your technology needs.

With Crystal Arrow Technologies as your outsourced IT support partner, you will experience:

Less Downtime – Fast resolution leads to more productivity
24/7 IT support – Your business is in good hands all the time.
Business Continuity – Complete backup and disaster recovery methods and best practices

Crystal Arrow Technologies offers a complete range of standard and bespoke IT Support packages tailored to suit your company’s objectives, size and budget.

Fully Managed Support

Most clients choose this option.  The primary advantage is our comprehensive Proactive Support which monitors your IT Infrastructure 24/7 for viruses, software updates, hardware age and wear and tear.

Crystal Arrow Technologies gets to know your business and its direction enabling us to build a road map for improvements and upgrades.  This advance knowledge enables us to often prevent sudden expense for your company and spread your IT expenditure to suit your business.

Most importantly for our clients, is the removal of surprise fees because this option is based on a fixed monthly fee per user and includes all devices.  There are no additional fees for high frequency of call outs.

You will receive a dedicated account manager who will compile a strategic plan for your IT infrastructure in line with your objectives and budget.

Block Hours

Our Block Hours service would be perfect if you need to use Crystal Arrow Technologies for IT support issues infrequently, and do not require a proactive service to keep your infrastructure up and running.

The Block Hours are purchased up front allowing us to give you a discounted hourly rate. They are used in 1 hour increments and this, coupled with the fact that there is no expiry date on the hours means that you will only ever pay for IT support when you need it.

Cloud Solutions

Backup & Business Continuity

Backup and Business Continuity are an essential part of any disaster recovery solution. Using the cloud to store your data away from your office allows you to recover from the worst disasters that can damage your business. CA Technologies  provides and award winning  solution for cloud backup from simple data store, basic backup allowing the recovery of your data from the cloud onto new or repaired hardware or advanced backup with our Acronis Cloud backup solution. It will allow you to re-create your server in the cloud and be up and running within minutes of an server failure, Or allow you to recover an stollen laptops data  in minutes.

Contact us for more information about Backup and Disaster Recovery



Malware and spam emails are on the increase and having local anti-spam on your servers will divert valuable resources away from your employees or risking Malware infecting your servers.  By using an Anti-Spam Mail Filter such as Crystal Arrow Technologies partner Reflexion, you can block unwanted emails and Malware before they disrupt your business.

Mail Archive

Are you required by Law to store emails, want to ensure if your server goes down you can use emails via the web for email continuity or just want to have an accurate record of all emails from or within your business?  Crystal Arrow Technologies can help you with  Mail Archive for either 60 day mail continuity or seven year storage for all of your business mail.  Both solutions have web mail access to your stored emails.

Crystal Arrow Technologies Cloud Sync

Crystal Arrow Technologies very own cloud sync service providing business level data store, file sync and data backup.


Office 365

The fastest growing cloud service is for moving business email into the cloud and one of the most popular methods is Microsoft’s Office 365.  With multiple business packages to suit any business Crystal Arrow Technologies can help source, move your emails into the cloud and manage your Office 365 account.

Find out more on Office 365



With the use of VOIP & the cloud there is no longer a need for an expensive difficult to manage on premise telephone system.  Let someone else run the hardware and just plug your phones into the internet for one less worry. Crystal Arrow Technologies  have partnered with Cisco and VOIP for a cost effective hosted telephony solution that you can trust.


Hosted Services

Do you want to minimise the servers at your office or want the added security provided by a secure datacentre? If so, Crystal Arrow Technologies can help.  We have options to suit your needs from datacentre hosting for your very own server hardware to virtual servers in the cloud with no upfront costs.


Virtual Desktops

It is now possible to have everything in the cloud. Virtual desktop solutions allow you to upload and share your software and files, access your desktops at any location via the internet and instantly scale the solution to meet your needs.  Virtual desktops are ideal for companies who quickly expand and contract, and just want to pay for what they need that month.  Ask Crystal Arrow Technologies for what we can do for you.

IT security has never been as important as it is today. With hacking tools now widely available, new and more dangerous Malware created daily,  businesses need to take every precaution to protect themselves from external as well as internal threats.


With over seven years experience of defining and implementing IT security policies, Crystal Arrow Technologies is an IT partner that you can trust to deal with such crucial concerns on your behalf;  Specialising in the threats and security issues faced by small and medium-sized businesses in today’s world.

As a business’s methods to access IT networks and critical data becomes easier and more varied so do the potential threats and issues they risk. Without expert knowledge of how these systems link together and how threats come into your business a security solution may not be effective.  The irony is that as we provide better access for employees (to work remotely, for example), we also create the need for more sophisticated security solutions, systems and policies.

In parallel, it is getting easier for employees to copy and remove sensitive data, online or via simple USB drives and similar, highly portable media. Our in-depth experience ensures that we understand the evolving nature of such threats, and – just as importantly – that we understand how best to protect clients from new threats as they arise.

Your full security solution includes: 

 Antispam Mail Filters
– Antivirus Software
 Network Security


Crystal Arrow Technologies provides professional tech support and network services for home and small businesses.


Print management

At Crystal Arrow Technologies, we can manage your print requirements for you. We can review your current spend on print and ensure that you get the most effective solution to match your business needs and demands.


IT Audits

The Crystal Arrow Technologies IT audit looks at the existing IT infrastructure, security solution and expected future requirement changes for a business; with access to the existing IT assets and using specialist tools to collect and collate information about the network, workstations, servers and much more. This is then presented as a conceptual network diagram with a detailed, comprehensive report of the current state of the infrastructure. The recommendations are then made and presented as immediate, short, medium and long term to aid in your management and planning of your IT infrastructure.

Datacentre Hosting

Crystal Arrow Technologies uses green datacenters to host client platforms. All of our solutions for clients are customisable so you can always be sure that we have the right solution for your business needs.

Broadband and Fiber management

At Crystal Arrow Technologies we are dedicated to partnering with the best suppliers of business broadband solutions, to ensure that clients get the most business efficient solutions available to them. Whether you need a simple ADSL line or a full MPLS linking multiple offices into a single network we can help you.

Video Conferencing

Do you want to communicate face to face with your customers or remote offices?  Crystal Arrow Technologies can help in planning and setting up a Video conferencing solution to meet your needs.

Virtual desktop provision and management

Crystal Arrow Technologies can provide a range of VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) solutions dependent upon your business needs. Our solutions give you complete scalability; so if you need to expand or if you need a variety of applications to put in your hosted desktop solution it is very easy to modify your platform.

Telecoms service and support (hosted and on-premise)

At Crystal Arrow Technologies we offer enterprise class telephony solutions at an affordable price. The open nature of the infrastructure architecture allows for beneficial pricing and bespoke application and service provision. The Crystal Arrow Technologies telephony solutions provide a true competitive advantage to your business!

Full back-up, disaster recovery and business continuity

Business uptime is crucial. As your trusted IT support partner we understand that business continuity is needed to prevent loss of data, time and money. With this in mind, Crystal Arrow Technologies partners with providers across a variety of backup and disaster recovery solutions to give you the best match of services for business requirements.

Crystal Arrow Technologies also provide the following services:

 Internet Connectivity

Web Site Design, Hosting and SEO


Crystal Arrow Technologies provides professional Web Site Design, Hosting and SEO Services 

Our exerianced Web Design team has developed an wide range of websites for our customers, from 1 page sites all the way to e commerce sites, as well as  provided SEO services, including Facebook, Instagram and Google marketing.

We also offer various hosting packages to suite your budget, and only use Energy efficiant, green datacentres to host your site safely and securely.



Free Domain – co.za

Hosting Space – 2GB

Email Boxes – 75

MySQL Databases – 5


cPanel Included

PHP Included

Linux CentOS OS

R29.00 p/m



Free Domain – co.za

Hosting Space – 5GB

Email Boxes – 500

MySQL Databases – 25


cPanel Included

PHP Included

Linux CentOS OS

R49.00 p/m



Free Domain – co.za

Hosting Space – 10GB

Email Boxes – 2500

MySQL Databases – 100


cPanel Included

PHP Included

Linux CentOS OS

R99.00 p/m



Free Domain – co.za

Hosting Space – 50GB

Email Boxes – UNLIMITED



cPanel Included

PHP Included

Linux CentOS OS

R299.00 p/m

Fibre Internet Access

Crystal Arrow Technologies provides professional Fibre Internet Access ot yor home or business 

We have teamed up with Optic Networks (PTY) LTD to provide you, our customer with the best Fibre experiance available.
FREE fibre instalation to your house or business
FREE Fibre Router and Wireless Access Point

Do you have Fibre in your area?. 
Click here to find out





Per month (incl. VAT)
Per month (incl. VAT)
Per month (incl. VAT)
Per month (incl. VAT)
Download Speed Up to 4Mbps Up to 20Mbps Up to 50Mbps Up to 100Mbps
Upload Speed Up to 1Mbps Up to 20Mbps Up to 50Mbps Up to 100Mbps
Router Incuded (New Instalations Only)  Mikrotik hEX PoE Lite  Mikrotik hEX PoE Lite  Mikrotik hEX PoE Lite  Mikrotik hEX PoE Lite
Mikrotik cAP Lite Mikrotik cAP Lite Mikrotik cAP Lite Mikrotik cAP Lite
Concurrent Connections 1, always-on 1, always-on 1, always-on 1, always-on
Contract Required NO NO NO NO
Cancellations before the 25th before the 25th before the 25th before the 25th
Pro-Rata Billing
Usage Limit Uncapped, No FUP Uncapped, No FUP Uncapped, No FUP Uncapped, No FUP
Unshaped Bandwidth
IPv4 Address 1 Public, Static 1 Public, Static 1 Public, Static 1 Public, Static
IPv6 Address /48 Public, Static /48 Public, Static /48 Public, Static /48 Public, Static
Premium Usenet Access
Installation Fee (New Installations Only) FREE FREE FREE FREE
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